Community Spirit

Committed To Conserve The Environment.

Our Family, Our Community, Our Farm.

We’ve never thought of ourselves as needing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statement because it’s what we do naturally. Being part of a community is an important part of our business life and we enjoy supporting what happens locally by being involved in events.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement;

At Jozzy Farm we believe that stakeholders should know they can depend on our processes and the trust in us clearly explains our Farm’s performance. Our strategy and the reasoning behind it. We are also committed to prompt disclosure of any facts which might affect your investment in our Farm.

Jozzy Farm will compete in the national, regional and global market place on the basis of merit of our products and services. Legal and ethical considerations will dictate our marketing activities, which will be conducted fairly and honestly. Marketing and selling of products will be based on the superiority of our product offerings. In market comparisons to competitors, care will be taken to avoid disparaging a competitor though inaccurate information.

Jozzy Farm commits to conserving the environment, provide employment on merit and ensuring all processes follow the set guidelines in Our Promise.

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