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Organic standards ensure that dairy cows have access to pasture during the grazing season and that cows are fed a more natural diet with plenty of roughage, which is good for their digestive health. They encourage better welfare and breeding in dairy cattle to reduce problems like lameness, mastitis and poor fertility.

We align ourselves to follow international standards with a ban the sale of calves under one month old for export, or their sale at market under 12 weeks old (unless they are with their mother), and we are required to work towards ending the killing of male calves at birth.

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Higher welfare for dairy cows

At Jozzy Farm we believe that cows should have access to pasture all year round, with the freedom to choose when they go outside or stay indoors. Housing should be well designed and cows should be given enough space for natural social behaviour. There should be plenty of bedding such as grass so that cows have access to comfortable, clean spaces to rest. Diets should include plenty of fibre, and breeds that are prone to health problems should not be used. There are some systems that provide higher welfare for dairy cows.

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