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Our Farm grows a variety of fruits including, but not limited to; Mangoes, Oranges, Passion Fruits, Avocado and Passion Fruits. We employ a number of people to look after our produce and have with time deployed practices that can best improve the quality of our produce. Record keeping is one of the methods we are using to ensure that we have all data relating to the products.

We encourage our clients to visit the Farm and see what we have to offer together with the methodology used to acquire good yields. For more information on this, please Contact the Farm Manager

“Eat more fruits and vegetables.”

This is probably the world’s most common health recommendation. Everyone knows that fruits are healthy — they are real, whole foods. Most of them are also very convenient. Some people call them “nature’s fast food” because they are so easy to carry and prepare. However, fruits are relatively high in sugar compared to other whole foods.

For this reason, you might wonder whether they are truly healthy after all. Jozzy Farm recommends that you balance them accordingly. Come have a high sugar content where as others are packed with high acid content like the Lemon yet they are more healthy than any other fruit. We just need to eat loads of them and thank God.

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