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Hotels & Restaurants

Organic Produce grown with love and care

what we offer

Hotels & Restaurant Sector.

Jozzy Farm seeks to provide everything Chefs need to be able to produce the very best experience for their guests.
We have a huge range of products, including Fresh Produce, Fresh meat, Whole goat, Pork Products & a Bakery will be added in the near future.

Customers can order up until 11:00 pm for next day delivery, and with Jozzy Farm as a partner, you can be assured of the very highest standards at all times.
With so much to offer why not give us a call on 00256 704 527742 to see how we can help you?

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce Delivered on Time.

From the very early days of Jozzy Farm, the business has sought to supply the Restaurant Sector.

Whether that is a Hotels, or even restaurants, we understand that the brain needs good food to function.

We seek to Partner with Hotels & Restaurants on a professional contract arrangement providing for accountability and fulfillment of obligations both on ours and your end.

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