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Management Structures:

We are keen on creating a difference in the sector, offering trust and respect which we believe will translate into dedication and hard work. Our management processes are reviewed from time to time in order to fit the requirements.

Our goals will also be reviewed depending on our mission, “Creating Employment and Wealth,” and therefore, Management levels will need to be matched with our scope, which delves down to numbers and type of products or services offered.

Management Structures:


Piggery Supervisor

Creating a difference is not common in today’s society. I...

Mukonyi Julius

Gardening Contractor



Depute Manager

The following plugins need to be updated to their latest...

Eric Ssematimba

General Manager

The daily sacrifices are not felt when progress is visible....

Joseph Muwonge


It’s passion that drives us to do what we do....

MJE Investments Limited
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Clever Farmer