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In 2018

We took on ten acres of land, aiming to plant a pine and eucalyptus tree forest.

Our goals kept on evolving until we looked at our mission, “Creating employment and wealth,” then decided to review our scope to include livestock farming as a venture to give employment to people around the Farm.

We decided to farm Turkey, Pigs, Chicken, Guinea Fowls, Goats, Fish, Ducks, among others. Our scope will continuously be reviewed to include or remove stocks. We also have learning sessions on the Farm as well as online, Visit us for more.

In 2019

Jozzy Farm was named after the owner Joseph to get Jozzy.

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We completed the payment for the Farm and got introduced to our neighbors and continued to engage the Buganda Kingdom.

It is at this time that we realised that all farm initial plans could not fit on the ten acres we had acquired. We proposed to add on the land to be able to build sties for the pigs, chicken coops, and houses for our employees. This proposal would be implemented in 2020

In 2020

We recruited our Farm Manager; Eric Ssematimba in the first quarter of the year.

We got cough out by surprise when the Pandemic hit the whole world leading to unexpected closure of business. Our drive was slowed but we continued to work in the background as we prepared for the opening.

The firm calendar was initiated, we recruited our second employee as we waited to open and get more people on board. Once the opening takes place, we will hit the road full on and start with weeding.  We will introduce the first animals on the firm; pigs, Visit us for more.

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