Our Promise

Built For The Creation Of Employment & Wealth

Our Promise is Simple

Great products and a customer service level second to none.

We want you to get the very best of everything as we offer a truly eclectic range of fresh products, and great customer service.

We are going to embark on research and development of products to improve on quality and eventually on productivity.

We are going to use technology and mechanisms to ensure that quality is maintained.

To ensure that this is achieved, Jozzy Farm will follow The Laws of Uganda as well as international Laws that are applicable in Uganda as well as working towards upholding our values

Our Values

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We shall also add home or office deliveries to places of choice should our esteemed customers desire to be served.

What does all this add up to?

A commitment to Customer Service, Quality, Excellence, Teamwork and Respect, the five core values that underpin and steer our business…a unique commitment to our customer that you just won’t find elsewhere. You can read our core values HERE.

For all your fresh product needs, we grow to achieve our mission embedded in “the creation of Employment and Wealth”

MJE Invectments Limited
Eco growing
Clever Farmer